Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some common questions and answers that may be of help using this website.


Navigation and Search

-Why is my map in Michigan?

The default map area is Michigan because they are one of the most populated for Haunted Houses and Halloween events.

-How do I search a certain area?

In the search bar, in the area labeled “Near”, enter a zip code or city/state and then hit the “Magnify Glass Icon” to search.

How far away from me does the search go?

Aprox. 40-50 miles.

-How can I search the area I am in?

Next to the “Near” field with the search bar is a “Compass Icon” . Clicking that will determine your current location and also allow you to set miles within.

You can also look for the “Near Me” buttonĀ .

-How can I change the distance to me that the search results show?

There is a “Gear Icon”. You can use that to change the distance to search. If you are using the Near Me Compass you should get a pop up window to adjust miles.

-I see a pop up that says my location can not be determined.

Check to make sure you have “Location” turned on or allowed on the device you are using.

-How can I see only certain types of places such as, only Pumpkin Patches and Hay Rides?

In the search box, click on the field that is labeled “event type”. You can also filer event types by unticking the event types you dont want to see on the map overlay(if present).

Also, you can click on the icons to go directly to the page for certain event types.

-There are no places by me, why?

You may be to far away from any listed places. Try using a city/state in the search that is further away.

Also, we may have yet to get to your city and state to list places. Please be patient, as we introduce new areas.


Place vs Event

-What is the difference between a Place and Event in the search options and menu?

A Place is a location where the business is located and operates. A place is a Haunted House, Corn Maze, Escape Room, etc. These are places that don’t move. A place where they hold their activities on a regular basis.

Events are usually a special events that are not on a reoccurring basis that a business may hold.

An example would be: Bobs Pumpkin Patch, this Friday Only, all you can carry for 5 dollars. 10-5pm. This is a one time special event that bob is doing.

Events are not always available in all areas and not always listed.



-Always confirm the open dates, times and actual address with a place on their own website or via phone. Information on this website may not always be fully accurate.



5 Skulls is = to 5 Stars

A 5 Skull Rating is the Best on this website.

We encourage our users to get involved and leave reviews for places they have attended.

Learn more on ourĀ Review System Here.


Create Account/Sign In

Why do I need to create an account and/or sign in to leave a review?

Account creation allows you to perform certain tasks on this website, such as leaving reviews. This helps ensure that reviews are left from actual people and to also cut down on spam.

Don’t worry, we do not share your information with anyone.


Location Suggestions / Issues

-Can I suggest a location to your website to add?

Yes. We would love to hear your suggestions. Visit the “Add Place” page to submit your location. Owners of locations submitting locations may still have to “claim” their lisintg.

-What is “Claim Listing / Claim Page”?

This is only for owners/managers of the location listed. Claiming a listing gives businesses additional features to use on this website. Only owners or managers should try and claim a listing for their location.

Business location owners. Learn the benefits of claiming your location here.

-I see information that is wrong or a location that is closed. What can I do?

Send us an email with the place name, link to the page and incorrect information. We will look into it. You can contact us Here.


Website Usage Tip

See a haunted house, corn maze, etc that you love or want to share? Look for these icons on the places page and you can send the info to your friends via email or share to social sites. Additionally, you can favorite the place by clicking the heart.


How can I share your website or places/events listed?

See “website usage” tip above on how to share the page of a place with your friends.

You can also copy the url of the page and post it to your favorite social site if you do not see an icon.

Visit our Media Images and Links page for more sharing options such as banners, etc.


Is your website safe?

Well we cant help keep you safe from spooky things that go bump in the night, but we can try and keep you safe when using our website.

You can click either one of the icons located at the bottom of most pages to check.

Our secure icons look like the following:

Also, look for the Secure Padlock in your web browsers address bar.


Location Owners:

Need help with sizing main cover image, map issues or other help? Please refer to this page Here.