Help Guide For Listing Issues and Questions


Map Location: The map should automatically locate your location as you are typing it into the address box. If you copy and paste your full location into street address field it will not locate you.

If you are still having issues with the map automatically locating you, you can manually set your location on the map by dragging the map marker. Once you set map marker be sure to click on “Set address on map” button above the map to save your location.

If you still can not set your location please contact us with the name of your location and full address.


Map Marker – Wrong Image: If you have selected numerous categories for your location, the first category in alphabetical order will be used when a user is searching for numerous category’s and display the map marker that matches.. Example: User searches for haunted houses, corn mazes and escape rooms. Map will appear on the general search map with the corn maze map marker icon(C comes before e and H).

If a user is searching just in one category, then the matching map marker icon will be used. Example: user searching for hay rides only, the map marker for hay rides will appear.

It is currently not available to choose what map marker icon is shown. If you always just want one certain one to show everywhere, then you need to choose only one category. Keep in mind you will then not show in other categories.


Main Photos: The main photo you upload called the “Featured photo” will be used in various places as your default photo. It will be used at the top of you place page, on search lising results and also on the map. This photo is used in various sizes. The recommend size is 1920 x 1080 px(width x height). On some places where the image is used the full photo may not be viewable. To reduce losing important parts of your photo in all locations where main photo will be used, look at this template for a reference of sizing. Keep your main content in the Main/Important area.

Template: Transparent .png (template will appear black, right click and save image for transparent) or .jpg


Editing Your Listing:

You can style your page as you like with different text styles. Using custom code is not allowed. Linking to websites off your place page is currently unallowed with the exception of your places social media pages. For cover sizing for main image please see above. We at any time may edit or delete your listing if containing any, foul language, inappropriate content, links to inappropriate websites or any coding or for any other reason.


Categories:  You are allowed to list in the categories that you have events for at your location. You will only show in search results in categories searched for ones you have selected.

Do not select all categories, this means categories you dont have an event for,  just for the sake of showing in all search categories and pages. This provides false information to our site users. Places found putting there location in categories when they do not have an event or to try and game search and/or page placement will have their editing listing and also be at risk of losing their placement. This does not apply to certain paid/upgraded listings.

Example: You own a corn maze and hayride. You should only place your location in the corn maze and hayride categories, not in corn maze, hayride, haunted house, pumpkin patch categories.