Terms Of Service

Our terms are very simple, and by using this website you agree to this page as well as our privacy policy page.


The Places, Events and Information on this website may not always be accurate. It is the site visitors responsibility to always check accuracy of information(such as directions, time, etc) of a place/event listed by means of visiting their website or by direct contact. We are not responsible for inaccuracies.

We do our best to monitor the listings on our website. We are not responsible for content of poor taste or offensive content that may appear on any pages, as most are edited/managed by the place owner. If you find any content of the such, we ask you to report it to us via email on our contact page.


We are not responsible in any way for your travels to a location and events that may arise once at a location. This includes, travel times, expenses, pre purchase of tickets, etc. You are urged to check directions directly via the website for the location you are attending and hours of operation. Additional, we are not responsible for anything that may arise at any location. This includes things such as, but not limited to, injury, theft, etc.


Submitting information for listings. By submitting a listing to this website as a suggestion and not a location owner/manager, you agree that you only will submit true and accurate information and not information that is false, misleading or can cause harm/damage to another person or business. you understand that submitting false information for any negative reasons(to cause harm, etc) may be punishable by law in some ares.

For locations/event owners/managers. You also agree to the above submitting information, this whole page as well as our privacy policy, and the following. You will not attempt to list in incorrect categories, states or multiple times. This includes attempts to split location attractions/events up into separate listings, example: you have a haunted house and a corn maze, you will not attempt to create two separate listings for each. At times, cross/double listings may be permitted when included in an advertising package.


Claiming: You understand that by attempting to claim a listing, that you are an owner/manager for the location and have full authorization to do so and represent the location on this website. Attempting to claim a location that you do not have permission to from the rightful owner, may be punishable by law in most ares. We do our best to make sure locations are not mistakenly claimed, but if they are we are not responsible. You understand that we may require additional information to grant you as the owner of a page at times. This may be random or for whatever reason we feel additional information is needed. We are under no obligation to grant ownership of any page, for any reason.We may revoke ownership of a page at any time without notice for any reason.


Site Registration/Member. This site requires user accounts for different activities. This may be for submitting a listing, claiming, voting, etc. You must be of legal age to use this website and register, if you are not, please have a guardian assist you. Please do not create numerous accounts with different names/emails/etc to use for reasons such as voting, reviews, etc. Do not create accounts in other peoples names or to do harm to others in any way. We may not grant and/or terminate an account at any time for any reason.


Voting/Reviews: Users are allowed to vote and/or review locations/events. We ask users to leave truthful reviews for locations that they have personally attended. At times photos are allowed in reviews, but must pertain to the location only. No graphic or inappropriate photos. Please do not upload large file size photos or more than 2. Reviews and votes normally need to be approved, this at times might take some time. Numerous account creation for leaving multi able votes/reviews to game the system may lead to account suspension as well as leaving wrongful reviews to harm a location. We are not obligated to approve any votes and/or reviews and may remove ones that were previously approved that we fell may have violated our terms. If you suspect any cheating or gaming of our voting and or review system, you are asked to report it to us via email.


Site Usage/Geo Locating: You understand that using this website, that the website will ask for/or know, your location. This is to help determine your current location to help provide the best search results. At times this feature/service may not work correctly or may proved false information. We do not share your location information.


Location/Event Owners:

Location and page placement: We do our best to make sure you page is displayed in the correct locations and also the correct categories. At times there may be false placements due to errors. If you think your location is not showing correctly, please let us know via email.

Listings and Upgrades: You understand that at any time, features may be removed or added to listing packages without notice. We may downgrade packages at any time for any reason for any location/event.

Advertising: We currently have a selected amount of advertising space. We reserve the right to deny advertising to any location without reasoning. See our advertising page for more information.


See Privacy Policy



Last revised on 7/18/2018